Stop the propaganda

  Dear HCN,

Susan Cockrell's letter attacking my research into nonlethal federal management of coyotes in the Oct. 23 issue of High Country News proves that, once again, you can lead some horses to water but you can't make them drink. But the hopelessness of some tasks just encourages folks like me (I love my job!). So (read carefully Susan), here's the thesis:

Wildlife Services is not an indiscriminate killer of wildlife. It is an agency that actively strives to come up with new, innovative methods to resolve problems that will only continue to grow with burgeoning human populations. Join with us to develop better and more humane methods. Or at least stop pointless, fact-free whining, read the literature, and then criticize us for what we actually do.

Cases in point: Defenders of Wildlife principal biologist Martin Smith, who recommends the work of Wildlife Services National Wildlife Center, and recent comments by scientists at Defenders of Wildlife Denver meeting, all agreeing that sometimes you have to kill a problem coyote.

Russ Mason
Logan, Utah
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