Petersen intolerant of different ethics

  Dear HCN,

David Petersen claims to be a hunter, but writes like an Animal Rights Fanatic (ARF). He follows the pattern of the typical activist, changing the names of things to disguise their true nature. Thus ranch hunts become the evil canned hunts.

Reading his opinion piece, "When hunting becomes staggeringly stupid" (HCN, 10/23/00: When hunting becomes staggeringly stupid), it is clear that his claimed 40 years of hunting has only led him to the belief that it is his way or the highway. Once you remove any tolerance for differences in ethics, aesthetics or practice, Mr. Petersen's piece shortens right up. Once you remove the name calling, ad hominem attacks and pejorative words, it is shorter still. And once you remove the faulty logic, it vanishes.

Since I have hunted for 50 years - 10 years more than Mr. Petersen - I am obviously superior to him as a hunter. Do I then become licensed to impose my obviously superior value system on Mr. Petersen? Well, I will certainly reject his labels and ethnocentric intolerance.

Mr. Petersen needs to face the fact that ranch hunting in the West may become the only hunting in one eminently visible future. Especially if ARFs like him attack other hunters over aesthetics.

And as for his labeling Safari Club International as sick, I will be happy to organize a side-by-side comparison of this elitist's accomplishments in hunting education and game conservation. My advice: If you don't like something, keep yourself away from it. Do not react by trying to make it illegal for us all.

Jim Dodd
San Diego, California

The writer is a life member of Safari Club International, Master Measurer SCI, and a member of Professional Hunters Association of South Africa, and Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association.

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