'Start letting mom pack that trunk'

  • Bob Davey

    J.T. Thomas

Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story.

Bob Davey is the president of the Valley Improvement Association:

"Horizon's plan was not a shabby idea. On paper it looked very good. The problem was that they were working in an agricultural area, and the county was not equipped to handle it. This county didn't have a real planning staff until three or four years ago. The big difference (between Horizon Corp.'s plan and Valley Improvement Association's plan) is that (Horizon's) was a paper plat, this is something real.

"I think our vision of what this is going to look like in 30, 40, 50 years is going to match up pretty closely with what citizens of Valencia County have said they want the county to look like. Most of the new development will take place in existing communities on the mesas and near existing municipalities. Everybody hopes you'll see a minimum amount of development down in the valley.

"What I come back to is there's a difference between the way a 10-year-old boy packs his trunk for camp and the way mom packs his trunk for camp. What we're facing (with current development in Valencia County) is pretty much a trunk packed by a 10-year-old kid. What we want to do is start letting mom pack that trunk. That means that there will probably be more stuff in that trunk, but it's not going to look as packed, as crowded, as cramped, and it's probably going to have more stuff that we'll need and less stuff that we don't.

"Long term, I think (the defeat of the bridge) is very serious. The numbers show over and over again that we have to do something about the transportation problems in Valencia County. We're going to have to have some way of getting people around this county.

"Those who were opposed to (the bridge) did a better job of expressing themselves than we did."

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