Hawk sees opportunity, snatches it

  • Bill Gustafson bares scars left by a hawk

    Hungry Horse News
  Taking a nap on the rocky banks of the Flathead River in Montana can be dangerous, especially if a snake has the same idea. When hiker Bill Gustafson, 17, of Columbia Falls took a break to snooze in the sun July 5, he fell asleep bare-chested. A non-poisonous garter snake then slithered onto his warm chest without waking him. Gustafson didn't know what startled him into consciousness, but when he opened his eyes a hawk was diving straight for him. It snatched the snake off his chest and flew away, leaving behind several clawed gashes in the teenager's skin. Otherwise, Gustafson was unharmed, although stunned. "I didn't really understand what was happening," he told Hungry Horse News. Two fisherman ran to help him after watching the hawk fly away with its meal; no one had time to identify the type of hawk.

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