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Know the West

Was it chinook or sockeye?

  Dear HCN,

As always, your Aug. 28 issue was quite informative and very enjoyable. One critique I must make, though, has to deal with Rocky Barker's analysis on the latest federal salmon plan. A reference was made about the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in the central mountains of Idaho. He went on to write: "Yet in two of the last five years, no salmon have returned to the Middle Fork." I believe Mr. Barker may be referring to sockeye salmon, which are lake-spawning salmon that have failed to return three of the last five years via the main fork of the Salmon River. Chinook salmon, a river-spawning species, have returned each of the last five years to the Middle Fork, although in alarmingly decreased levels compared to the pre-dam era.

Greg Burak
Boise, Idaho