A critical link

  Dear HCN,

I had the good fortune to visit with Lynn Dickey more than a decade ago, while researching the nuclear weapons train through the West (HCN, 6/5/00: Dear Friends). Lynn was a critical link in the chain of activists along the train route, and organized protests whenever weapons were shipped through her district. I found it remarkable that such a committed and outspoken anti-war activist could be elected and re-elected to the Legislature in a state as conservative as Wyoming.

Lynn entered politics as a Protestant - I can't remember which denomination - and converted to Catholicism during the session. She said that, after spending all day on legislative business, she needed to go to church and the Catholics were the only ones who had daily services. The story says a lot about Lynn and her spiritual depth. Perhaps it says even more about the legislative process. Goodbye, Lynn, we miss you.

Andy Robinson
Tucson, Arizona

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