Faith found in forests

  Religion and the Forests, a new publication by the California-based Religious Campaign for Forest Conservation, illustrates the trend of religious groups going green. In the first edition of the magazine, personal essays and biblical references show the relationship between forest conservation and moral responsibility. The publication aims to end all commercial logging on public forests.

Editor Fred Krueger says that the non-economic values of forests have been largely ignored by a utilitarian, consumer-driven culture.

"Something of the creator is in the creation," Krueger says. "Something in the land deserves respect."

He says that, historically, no major movement in America has succeeded without religious support, including abolition, civil rights and women's rights. "When (abolition) hit the pulpits of this country, that's when it caught fire," Krueger says. "The forest issue is catching fire now."

The publication costs $4 per issue, plus an additional dollar for shipping and handling. To order, send money to 409 Mendocino Avenue, Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. For more information, visit, or e-mail Krueger at [email protected]

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