Raging river, quiet mind

  • Two pack mules

    illustration by Teresa Jordan
  Field Notes from the Grand Canyon: Raging River, Quiet Mind, by Teresa Jordan, Johnson Books, 1880 S. 57th Court, Boulder, CO 80301, 2000. Paperback: $14.

"There is a Zen saying that when the student is ready, the teacher is there," writes Teresa Jordan, who had carried her watercolors on a dozen different trips, never to wet a brush. But a 12-day raft trip down the Colorado River was different. The world of obligations, deadlines and busyness fell away and Jordan, who has written books about her ranching family and the cowgirl tradition, focused on nothing but the moment, beginning with a thunderstorm that spawned hundreds of ephemeral waterfalls. "I had gone to the river hungry for adventure," she confesses. "I returned nourished in a hundred different ways." Her little book - an illustrated journal - is a delight.

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