Writer has an ATV agenda

  Dear HCN,

Jim Gerber, president of Citizens for a User Friendly Forest, has written several letters to the editor of High Country News in which he has neglected to identify his affiliation. CUFF supports motorized access to national forests. The vice president of CUFF, Adina Cook, is also the public-lands director of the Blue Ribbon Coalition, a group strongly supported by contributions from various RV industry giants such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda and others.

It is curious that Mr. Gerber mentions neither his connection with CUFF nor CUFF's connection with the Blue Ribbon Coalition and its industry contributors. In Mr. Gerber's letter of May 8, he states, "Enviros are mostly intruders paid by wealthy foundations." Well, I am an "enviro," and am not paid by wealthy foundations. Actually, I don't know any environmentalists, in my valley or elsewhere, who are supported by wealthy foundations. If moving from somewhere else to the West makes me an "intruder," then I am one, as are all others who are not Native Americans.

Kate West
Victor, Idaho

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