Arizona adds sunshine

  Arizona's plentiful sunshine will soon supply a small part of the state's power. By the start of 2001, electricity providers in Arizona will be required to begin using renewable resources such as the sun, wind, biomass generators and landfill gas, for one quarter of 1 percent of total electricity used. By 2007, the state wants 1.1 percent of power to come from renewable resources, with at least half coming from the sun. The departure from total dependence on hydroelectric, nuclear and coal-based power will require new equipment and cost companies an estimated $15 to $25 million per year, says Ray Williamson of the state's Corporation Commission, which regulates utilities. To cover the increase in cost, residents will pay up to 35 cents more per month, while large businesses may pay up to $39 more per month. Williamson says Arizonans are responding positively to the decision. "This is not a total solution, but it is a good start in dealing with our pollution problems."

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