Liquid lures mountain goats

  • Glacier Park mountain goats lick up antifreeze

    Hungry Horse News
  For mountain goats in Glacier National Park, Mont., sweet-tasting antifreeze seems to be the drug of choice. Heading toward 6,000-foot Logan Pass, motorists can see up to 20 goats at a time fighting for the coolant that drips from overheated cars. At the summer parking lot many habituated goats gather where the leaking liquid forms pools. Brace Hayden, manager of park resources, says the goats must have a strong constitution because if a dog laps up antifreeze it usually dies. The Park Service plans to deter the goats by installing drains or grates in the parking lots, or by periodically hosing off the pavement. Hayden says the high-altitude road cuts through goat habitat and for years they have been seen licking the liquid. Only recently have the goats - and tourists with cameras - caused traffic jams.

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