A still-wild chunk of America is vulnerable to development

March 31, 1986

A special issue on Montana's Glacier-Bob Marshall country.


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A still-wild chunk of America is vulnerable to development
When lumped together, Glacier National Park and the nearby Bob Marshall Wilderness are at the hub of one of the West's largest wild areas. Yet they face mining, logging and other threats.
A feisty, true-grit breed in Montana
One thing Northwest Montana conservationists share with their counterparts elsewhere is an inordinate fondness for paper: legal briefs, affidavits and reams of memos.
Oil men stake out the Rocky Mountain Front
Controversy over oil and gas development in a pristine area of the northern Rockies in Montana is heating up.


This race of lemmings built power plants
Electrical utilities, water agencies, gas companies, nuclear reactor builders and multinational oil giants all share a volatile and difficult future.
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