The two-party system is back

November 24, 1986

People in the West voted as Nevadans, North Dakotans and Oregonians, not as participants in a national plebiscite. See election results from 10 states and the Navajo Nation.


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In the West: Sen. James McClure and the Forest Service are big losers
Among Western Republicans, McClure is the biggest loser from the Senate shift. For six years he has kept Forest Service timber and roadbuilding budgets high and Bureau of Land Management grazing fees low.
South Dakota: Reagan's farm policy leads to a defeat
In a U.S. Senate contest, Democrat Tom Daschle wins after hammering on his opponent's support of Reagan's farm policies.


As acidic as the driven snow
Mark Story, a hydrologist for the San Juan National Forest, monitors acid rain and snow high in Colorado's mountains as part of the National Atmospheric Deposition Program.
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