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Know the West

Some predators have clout

  Dear HCN,

Apropos the item "Guides may get guidelines" (HCN, 3/27/00: Guides may get guidelines), Idaho, after long and mighty labors, has produced a draft "Wolf Management Plan." Among other bemusing provisions in the plan is one which would provide monetary compensation to guides and outfitters for "economic harm caused individual outfitting businesses by decreasing ungulate populations due to adverse wolf impacts."

In other words, "If a wolf gets an elk that would have otherwise been available to me and my clients, I wanna be paid for it!'

No doubt when grizzlies are reintroduced into Idaho, outfitters will want the same compensation. The problem will be to distinguish black bear predation, for which they get no compensation, from a kill by grizzlies. It maketh one to scratch one's head.

Lynn Fritchman
Boise, Idaho