Logging doesn't cut it

  • From the video, "The Power of Place"

    photo courtesy Green Fire Publications
  A sea of evergreens, uninterrupted by roads or clear-cut; an eroding mountainside, barren of everything but stumps and broken branches. Ancient Forests: The Power of Place, a 30-minute educational video, uses this contrast to paint a compelling picture of logging's siege on Northwest forests. The video from Green Fire Productions, a nonprofit filmmaking organization, takes a historical look at the Forest Service's timber policies, the billions of dollars the agency has lost on timber sales and the destruction of forests that has resulted. Everyone from veteran environmentalists to former loggers testifies about why it's important to keep remaining roadless areas and ancient forests intact. The viewer is reminded of the power of people by author/activist Michael Frome. "All the landmark moves in preservation history have been the result of people who cared. No other force," he says. The program, geared toward grassroots organizing, outlines simple measures that anyone can take, including writing letters to the editor, contacting elected officials and getting involved with forest protection campaigns.

Copies of Ancient Forests are available for $10 from Green Fire Productions, 3948 East Burnside, Portland, OR 97214, or by calling 503/736-1295. You can visit their Web site at www.greenmedia.org.

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