Where were the voices of women?

  Dear HCN,

I applaud your final installment of the series titled "The political dynamics of the Interior West" (HCN, 4/10/00). I thoroughly enjoyed all eight of the essays by guest columnists and their views on the future of the West. Creating the opportunity for dialogue on the future of our lands is critical, and I am glad to see High Country News providing a forum for the discussion.

After spending nearly two hours reading the edition cover to cover, however, I was left with the nagging feeling that something was missing. As I flipped back through the pages, what had originally been overlooked was now glaringly obvious - all of the essays were written by men. Women have been, and continue to be, the silenced backbone of the West. We are instrumental in shaping the future of our land. When will we hear the voices of the women in the West?

Deborah Keeth
Arcata, California
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