Applause for reining in recreation

  Dear HCN,

I think the preferred alternative for the White River National Forest Plan is a huge step forward, though I prefer Alternative I (HCN, 1/17/00: STOP - A national forest tries to rein in recreation). I have yet to have visited a national forest that didn't have more than enough roads and trails. Yes, just shut some down - gate them - and let them go wild.

You can tell Lou Dawson that, yes, I am selfish. I want biologically diverse forests - I want to smell the rain in the air, hear the birds and the frogs, watch a squirrel or a fox or a deer or a moose or a bear cub. What I want back from the land is the pure joy of sensing the life there.

We will not have the "ideal forest" without human presence, but we can find ways to enjoy the forest and not destroy what makes it a forest. I feel sorry for the people who can only enjoy the land in ways that destroy it.

And I'll be sending my comments on the White River National Forest draft EIS.

Ruth S. Sperling
Glendale, California
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