Some free advice

  Dear HCN,

So my law school classmate, Debra Donahue, has applied her formidable legal mind to try to de-cow most Western public lands (HCN, 2/28/00: A prof takes on the sacred cow). Note to Wyoming ranchers: When you calm down enough to want to address the merits of her arguments, come prepared. Deb is a very able advocate who has probably already thought up responses to most of what you're going to say.

Note to University of Wyoming professors: Please stop wrapping yourself in the American flag if your views anger those who pay 40 percent of your salary. How come you have the unlimited right to bite the hand that feeds you when the rest of us don't? Nothing is stopping you from exercising your First Amendment rights to criticize cows or water buffaloes without a public subsidy. Is a piece of scholarship inherently more valuable than the (to some) controversial works of art that led to changes in the grant-funding criteria for the National Endowment for the Arts?

I wish High Country News had run Professor Thurow's response to Donahue's provocative column, rather than Steve Gloss' breathy complaint about lost funding to do an unnecessarily duplicative study of Platte River endangered species issues. Instead, we just got Donahue's rebuttal. Does HCN have a problem with politically dissident points of view? Just checking.

Jim Witwer
Denver, Colorado
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