Saving the environment saves money

  A coalition of 27 environmental, taxpayer and budget-watchdog groups has produced its sixth annual report, Green Scissors 2000, which cites 77 wasteful government programs that harm the environment and cost taxpayers $50 billion. The 26-page report targets programs such as timber and irrigation subsidies and predator control projects, detailing their cost to the taxpayer and the environment. According to the Green Scissors Tally for 1999, released in conjunction with the 2000 report, Congress funded $852 million's worth of environmentally damaging programs in 1999.

To obtain a copy of Green Scissors 2000, visit scissors2000, send $15 to Friends of the Earth, 1025 Vermont Ave., NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20005, or call 877/843-8687 ext. 210.

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