Goose eggs in Congress

  According to the League of Conservation Voters' 1999 National Environmental Scorecard, over one-third of senators received a zero percent score. Western delegates cast their votes against the environment more often than their counterparts from other regions. Eleven Western senators earned a big zilch, including the entire delegations of Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Of those, four plummeted to nil since the previous Congress. But 10 Western representatives and three senators scored a perfect 100. California senators led the West in high scores - Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein averaged 95 percent. According to the league, dismal environmental voting in 1999 was due to special-interest money and anti-environmental riders to spending bills - more than 20 on the House interior appropriations bill alone. However, LCV scores have risen slightly since the 105th Congress. The organization says that's because of a narrowing Republican majority in the House and high environmental voting from freshmen Democrats.

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