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Know the West

Don't blame Naropa University

  Dear HCN,

It is with a saddened heart that I read the article about the lawsuit against Naropa University (HCN, 12/6/99). I am a recent graduate (1998), and Eagle Cruz taught Environmental Studies, which is the degree I received. I enrolled in every course Eagle taught, and he was one of my favorite professors. He is a man of integrity. He taught me to honor and respect Native American culture, and I am brokenhearted that he was forced to resign because of accusations from Lydia and Royce White Calf. Royce seems to be unable to come to a place of forgiveness because of all the injustice done to his people. Eagle has moved to a place of trying to help heal the wounds through education.

I am sorry the Naropa University is receiving all this negative attention based on two angry people. Now the White Calfs have Russell Means and AIM on their side. Who knows what the outcome will be? Unforgiveness and rage are two powerful tools.

Paulette Julaura

Crawford, Colorado