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Know the West

A simpler salmon plan

  Amid the hefty government reports, long-winded debates, and lengthy articles that surround salmon recovery in the Northwest, there emerges a 49-page paperback book with a simple message: Help salmon survive. Down to the Sea, by Jay W. Nicholas, a passionate fisheries biologist, struggles to explain Oregon's recovery proposal to a baby coho salmon. "This is my attempt to reach everyday Oregonians," says Nicholas, author of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber's 3,000-page salmon recovery plan. A wildlife fisheries biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Nicholas has studied wild salmon for over 20 years. He can paint, too. He illustrates Oregon's plan in vivid watercolors. Proceeds from book sales go to the Oregon Youth Conservation Corp., a nonprofit group that involves young people in restoring the environment. For more information, call 800/895-7323.

* Rebecca Clarren