'Fee demo is not the full answer'

  • Jeff Bailey

    Photo courtesy Inyo National Forest

Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story.

Jeff Bailey has been the Inyo National Forest supervisor since May 1998:

"Congress needs to realize we need more dollars out here. Fee demo is not the full answer. It's one of the very small tools, and it's a very small component of what we need on this forest to run it. I guess my only fear is that some people may feel that once we have fee demo we don't need to allocate more dollars to the ground, and that would be the wrong thing to do.

"There are lots of things we need to do out there to protect those lands, to manage those lands, that logically are not going to generate dollars. That's the core of what we are supposed to be doing here.

"There is the concern that we're just pulling these dollars off and paying for other things. We need to report back to the person who's paying, where those dollars are going. It may be a large sign that says, here's where your dollars are going.

"We definitely want to avoid building things we don't need, the public doesn't need, the environment doesn't need. I don't think there's a danger of that. I think we have the safeguards against that, at least on this forest. If that's where we need these facilities, we'll build them. It won't be to chase the dollars."

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