Why not brake for kittens?

  Dear HCN,

As one who lives on a dirt road, drives a lot of them, and was a volunteer emergency medical tech for 12 years, I can testify that driving 75 on the road driven by Peggy Godfrey, however straight, even in daytime, endangers the driver, wildlife, cattle, and anyone or anything else in the way (HCN, 12/6/99). What "higher purpose" is Godfrey helping her animals achieve? Are we talking karma or hamburgers?

I live in the heart of ranching country and I can't think of a single neighbor who wouldn't slow down to avoid kittens. Ms. Godfrey, not the ranch-ignorant friend she left in charge, is responsible for the state of her lambs and the death of a puppy. Since the dog had apparently not tried to kill the lambs, some aversion training might have salvaged him, but if that wasn't feasible, surely the woman who left him with an incompetent should have tried to find him a home as a companion dog. It just doesn't cut it to shoot the dog, put all the blame on the friend, and write poems about "eyes that do not see."

Jeanne Williams

Portal, Arizona

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