Seeing the forest through the eyes of its users

September 16, 1985

A special issue on forestry, based on the belief that what happens on the ground counts as much as what the Forest Service decides, the lawyers argue or the Congress legislates.


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Sawing through to another world
The author recounts how a sawmill at Crystal Creek, Colo., was a juncture of two worlds.
Cutting the forests down to Jeffersonian size
The small-mill local-market industry has proliferated during this century, in the wake of the tree-mining industry that logged-out the old-growth and moved on.
The timber industry is a way of life
The romantic appeal of the logging industry surely adds to the community spirit seen at Horseshoe Bend's Loggers' Day in Idaho. But there is another reason logging and millwork have maintained a definite sense of worth: the pay.


Montana Power wins a big one at Colstrip
The Montana Public Service Commission has reversed an aggressive decision it made in 1984 to deny Montana Power Company a rate increase to fund an expansion of its Colstrip coal-fired power plant.
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