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Know the West

Snow surfers with a mission

  A Bozeman, Mont.-based snowboarder group wants to show everyone that clean snow - and water - are way cool. The "Mountain Surf" chapter of the Surfrider Foundation recently launched the Snowrider Project to promote water quality at ski areas. "With the increased popularity of winter sports, it's really important that the (snowboarders) do no harm," says Jenny Ader, Mountain Surf chapter chairperson. "Most people like their environment to be beautiful, but they don't always realize that by being there they could destroy the very thing they enjoy." The volunteer group teaches local schoolchildren about the connection between clean water and pure snow and also sponsors trash pick-up on ski mountains. The chapter is testing the Gallatin River to ensure the Big Sky Resort's sewage disposal plan doesn't degrade the river (HCN, 3/31/97). The Mountain Surf chapter has about 100 members and is the first inland chapter of the California-based Surfrider Foundation. For more information, write the Snowrider Project, P.O. Box 6292, Bozeman, MT 59771, or contact Jenny Ader at 406/581-4379 or visit www.surfrider.org.

* Ali Macalady