Nobody's perfect

  Dear HCN,

After reading Craig Childs' article, I no longer feel guilty concerning my choice of employment for the past 12 years. I'm currently employed by the world's largest printer (lots of dead wood there), and before that, I was a boiler operator at a sawmill.

I have always cared about my impact on our planet, trying my best to tread as lightly as possible. Like Mr. Podlesny, I also enjoy roaming the wilds in my free time and showing the wonders of nature to my children via camping, hiking, backpacking and cross-country skiing. Behind that strong pro-environmental feeling there has always been that twinge of guilt and/or hypocrisy.

Frankly, though, the jobs I've gotten provide a livable wage and insurance coverage and benefits for myself and my family. With only a high school education and working full time to support my wife and three kids, I have yet to find the time or funds to pursue a degree.

As Mr. Childs and Mr. Podlesny point out, we are all linked to the slow but sure destruction of our natural world, whether it be by employment, lifestyle or the consumption of manufactured goods. No one can claim a guilt-free conscience. For this reason we must all strive to become more aware of our impact on our planet. My compliments to Mr. Childs and High Country News for the excellent article.

Tim Holmen

Reno, Nevada
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