All of us come from primitive cultures

  Dear HCN,

I read with interest James Bishop's "Bones of Contention." I was struck by the comment of Kurt Dongoske: "What he has demonstrated is that people were hacked apart, their bones dismembered. He presents no evidence of ingestion." Mr. Dongoske is angered by Mr. Turner's assertion that the Anasazi, particularly at Chaco Canyon, practiced cannibalism.

I'm amazed that anyone would consider ingestion to be a more culpable "pretty terrible thing" than hacking people (even corpses) apart and dismembering their skeletons. I suggest that these abuses are of the same order of magnitude. I would also assure Mr. Dongoske that some of us do not believe the interpretation of cannibalism in Anasazi culture "denigrates Indians." All of us descend from primitive cultures. We must hope that our behavior continues to evolve away from hacking, dismembering and ingesting our fellow beings, both literally and figuratively.

Peggy Wenrick

Tucson, Arizona

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