Developers don't have to rule

  Dear HCN,

Many thanks to Cathy Robbins for writing about the abuse of the Petroglyph National Monument just outside of Albuquerque, N.M. (HCN, 10/25/99).

I am not ashamed to admit the article brought tears to my eyes. While the plight of the petroglyphs is of grave concern, the article brought out the larger issue of the uncontrolled growth of Albuquerque. I am from there, and it breaks my heart to see not only politicians, but also developers and state lawmakers viewing land around the city as a way to make money. Albuquerque represents all that is wrong with the current thinking in the cities of the Southwest: There isn't any - except for the brave souls trying to protect the petroglyphs or preserve open space. I guess Judith Cordova is right: Developers do rule.

The "west side" should be left alone. Black Ranch should not be allowed to develop. The beautiful Sandia Mountains have already been damaged and scarred, the foothills becoming a living space for the rich. Wild animals have been killed or driven out so homes could be built. Does the west side have to face the same fate?

Please, Albuquerque, please Sen. Domenici, please, Westland Corp., look around the city and see what you are doing. Think what poor planning, lack of vision and the quest for the almighty dollar will leave for your children and mine.

Thank you again, High Country News, for bringing this terrible reality to light. As painful as it is, we have to know the truth.

Paul Sacco

Los Angeles, California

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