'I see lawsuits as a last resort'

  • Jill Workman

    Stephen Stuebner photo

Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story.

Jill Workman is a Portland-based volunteer for the Sierra Club. She believes that livestock grazing should continue on Steens Mountain.

"I see lawsuits as a last resort. I'd rather try to work with people. I personally don't think you can rule those people out.

"Steens Mountain is not the place for a national forum on grazing. I've seen places that are in much worse shape where ranchers are not cooperative at all. That's not the case on Steens. I think the debate about grazing on Steens should be site-specific.

"(The Oregon Natural Desert Association) and The Wilderness Society are very engaged in the issue, but they're not going to get their way on the grazing issue. I think you'll see Andy Kerr broker some kind of deal when we get down to the end. He's a very good negotiator."

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