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  With the number of new land trusts topping 1,200 in this country, it's not surprising that even the Washington, D.C.-based Humane Society of the United States has come on board. Its Wildlife Land Trust has protected 46,391 acres in 18 states, including recent additions of 500 acres in northern California and 1,280 acres in southwest New Mexico. Most land trusts exist to protect open space or habitat for wildlife, but the Humane Society is perhaps stricter in what it prohibits: hunting, trapping and logging. The sanctuaries attempt to create a "safe and nurturing environment, free from harmful human interference." As with other land trusts, people who donate conservation easements receive tax deductions.

The Wildlife Land Trust can be reached at 800/729-SAVE or on the Web at www.wlt.org.

*Lin Alder

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