You have to show you care

  • Matthew Schmader

    Mark Peery photo

Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story.

Matthew Schmader is the assistant superintendent for Albuquerque's Open Space Division, which manages about 4,000 acres of city lands within the monument acquired by the city through a local, dedicated open-space tax.

Matthew Schmader: "A lot of sweat and blood has gone into protecting this place. When you put the two of us together - the city's Open Space Division and the Park Service - we have very complementary capabilities.

"If people are really intent on vandalism, they'll manage. If you have agency presence - signage, literature and people - you can reduce vandalism to almost nothing. You have to show you care.

"If people understood how special a place this was, they would come here and do things equal to their respect for the place. I don't run my dog through the museum."

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