An overall poor attitude


Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story.

A Park Service team, composed of employees from other monuments in the region conducted an "oversight review" of Petroglyph National Monument, submitting its 20-page report on Sept. 25, 1998.

The group, chaired by Linda Stoll, asked 19 employees the question, "What is working well? What not so well?" The answer:

"Communication and morale are the biggest and most serious challenges facing the monument. There is an overall poor attitude towards employees (coming) from top management, making them feel they are not respected or valued. At this time the staff is doing their jobs because of personal commitment to the work and the National Park Service. Unless and until the communication and morale issue is improved, the team is not at all sure how long such commitment will continue."

The team reported that "virtually all employees cited cases where either they were personally admonished in public by park management or witnessed such actions, creating embarrassment, resentment and fear. Low morale is resulting in employees eagerly seeking employment elsewhere."

The oversight team also found "concern about increasing vandalism and thefts at certain sites. Most (employees) feel they do not know what all the resources are and therefore do not know what to protect. ...

"The staff has been thriving in a negative atmosphere for so long it has become the norm. ...

"The superintendent needs to regularly visit all the work locations, even if only to stop in and visit with the employees and see what is going on around her. Her lack of circulation seemed to be an issue with some employees."

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