A gem of a park

  Great Basin National Park is a modest gem. Set in Nevada, within a stone's throw of Utah, deep in the stillness of the Great Basin, the park was formed out of other public land in 1986. Like many parks, it was the child of compromise: Cattle were permitted to continue to graze the alpine meadows and the slopes of 13,063 foot-high Wheeler Peak that tourists also visit. But that may be changing. The Conservation Fund has entered into contracts with three ranchers to remove 2,203 head of cattle from 101,000 acres of the park and adjacent Humboldt National Forest and Mt. Moriah Wilderness Area. Everyone, from the Nevada Cattleman's Association to the State of Nevada, supports the buy-out. All that's needed is $220,300 by Oct. 15. If you can help, contact David Kirk, The Conservation Fund, 1942 Broadway, Ste. 323, Boulder, CO 80302; 303/444-4369; e-mail: [email protected]

* Ed Marston
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