Lyons is a stereotyper

  Dear HCN,

Steve Lyons rips on the Aryan Nations as a pack of dimwits (HCN, 8/16/99). Fine, I'm with him there, but it seems Lyons is so blinded by his own politically correct views that he didn't catch himself perpetrating yet more stereotypes. As an expatriate Montanan, I resented the "Ford-with-Montana-plates' sound bite. Since when are all Montanans racist? And what is the justification for his declaration that it was hard to separate the "typical xenophobic, anti-Hillary and Hanoi Jane, anti-environmentalist Idahoan?"

Holy moly! Just get out that brush and make us a tar baby!

Fact is, like most denizens of the Inland Empire, I'm not too crazy about showboating weirdos with an agenda. I don't like Richard Butler and his gang. I even went so far as to join the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment because of their countermarches and the like. But when I attended one of their conferences in Colorado Springs, I realized there are showboating fruitcakes on both sides of the fence.

I'll bet most of the parade goers were simply thinking: "Boy, I wish these loudmouth protesters would just shut up and go away."

Butler's compound may not close, Steve Lyons may never shut up, but at least he's moved to Washington.

Dave Skinner

Pueblo, Colorado

The writer is a field coordinator for People for the USA.

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