Lyons is unfair to Idaho

  Dear HCN,

Stephen Lyons' article on the Aryan marchers in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, was terribly misleading and distorted against Idaho (HCN, 8/16/99). When I moved to this area in 1977, I had no idea about the Aryans. It wasn't long before I learned of them firsthand. We would all like Butler and his group to be banned from our midst, from the state, from the country. But of course the laws that allow him his visions are the ones that allow the rest of us ours.

What I worry about is the press coverage depicting our area as a haven for Nazis. This is what Butler and group want, for this negative press scares off anyone of another color from moving here. The more that people like Mr. Lyons write about the tiny band of idiots, the more the rest of the world brands us as racists. Unfair to 99.99 percent of us.

Mr. Lyons made it sound like only in Hayden, Idaho, can the Nazis flourish because of the lack of diversity and the general mentality. But travel to many a rural Western town and you will find a similar lack of diversity. Stop singling out us as the evil place that allows the Nazis to thrive in our midst.

M. Wells

Granite, Idaho

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