Troubled Oasis

September 13, 1999

In Nevada, Walker Lake is slowly disappearing, as local farmers, an Indian tribe and conservationists battle over the rights to the water that once filled the lake.


Troubled Oasis
In Nevada, Walker Lake is slowly disappearing, as local farmers, an Indian tribe and conservationists battle over the rights to the water that once filled the lake.


Speaking from experience
In his own words, Mono Lake Committee staffer Gary Nelson compares the problems his group has successfully dealt with to the challenges facing the Walker Lake Working Group.
Agency cheerleader
In his own words, BLM Manager John Singlaub talks about how to save Walker Lake by building partnerships with grassroots organizations like the Walker Lake Working Group.


Isn't it about time for a New West celebration?
With tongue firmly in cheek, the writer argues that small Western towns need to give up their traditional summer festivals celebrating the Old West, and replace them with events honoring the New West in all its strangeness.
Save the Earth! (Drop dead)
The writer argues playfully that the only way to get out of the environmental mess we've created is to join his campaign and "Die for Your Planet."

Book Reviews

Pillar of Sand
In "Pillar of Sand: Can the Irrigation Miracle Last?" author Sandra Postel brings a clear, thoughtful approach to the intertwined questions of food production and population growth.
Fur and loafing
In his new collection, "Fur and Loafing in Yosemite," cartoonist Phil Frank hilariously follows the adventures of dysfunctional rangers, tourists and bears in Yosemite National Park.
Medicine Bow National Forest
Friends of the Bow, Biodiversity Associates and Snowy Range Group Sierra Club are leading a hike to unprotected wilderness in Medicine Bow National Forest Sept. 18.
Indian Land Consolidation Symposium
The Indian Land Working Group is holding a symposium on "Taking a Stand in Indian Land," Sept. 20-23.
The Northwest Environmental Defense Center
Northwest Environmental Defense Center will holds its annual retreat on the Oregon coast Sept. 24-26.
MINExpo International 2000
The largest mining exposition in the Western Hemisphere will be held Oct. 9-12 in Las Vegas, Nev.
Wilderness Act Handbook
A handbook to explain the 1964 Wilderness Act has been published by The Wilderness Society.
Continental Divide Trail
Volunteers are needed to help maintain the Continental Divide Trail from Montana to New Mexico.
Twenty-five Years of Self-Determination and Economic Development
Native American nation-building is the topic of a Nov. 11-13 conference in Tucson, Ariz.
1999 Congress on Recreation and Resource Capacity
A congress to discuss the future of recreation on public lands will be held Nov. 29-Dec. 2 in Aspen, Colo.
New Millennium First People's World's Fair and Pow Wow
More than 100 tribal nations will be present to help bring in the year 2000 in Tucson, Ariz.
The Economic Benefits of Parks and Open Space
A report from the Trust for Public Land is offered free.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West
Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt has fun at Yellowstone while Bruce Babbitt is grumpy in Maine; Jesse Hendrix feeding hummingbirds; removing killer bees in Tucson; Yodaville, Ariz., vs. the military; Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park turns 100; lightning kills bear in Ore.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends
HCN rendezvous; exceptional subscribers and visitors; apologies and excuses.


Tempers flare over winter plan
Bison biologist Mary Meagher joins conservationists, area business people and snowmobilers in denouncing Yellowstone National Park's new winter use plan.
The Wayward West
Salmon vs. traffic light in Puyallup, Wash.; two male sockeye journey up Salmon River; Church Universal & Triumphant gives USFS winter bison range; BLM told to be quicker getting cows off damaged land; Utah's Capitol Reef N.P. buys grazing allotment.
Wolves and cows don't mix
Seven reintroduced Mexican wolves from the Pipestem Pack are recaptured after they attacked cattle near Clifton, Ariz.
Quincy experiment to begin
The Quincy Library Group sees its controversial forest plan put into action when the Forest Service doubles logging on California's Plumas, Lassen and Tahoe national forests while protecting habitat for the northern spotted owl.
Ranch is a squirrel sanctuary
The very rare Idaho ground squirrel - which is thriving on Frank Anderson's OX Ranch - is in danger elsewhere because of the scarcity of its food supply, and biologists say using fire to restore meadows may help the animal recover.
Bear spray manufacturers get a hit of reality
Recent studies are casting doubts on whether pepper spray is as effective as once thought in protecting hikers and hunters from attacks by bears.
A spray can is no substitute for smarts
Bear specialist Gary Moses says that backcountry users carrying pepper spray should never let down their guard in bear country.


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