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Know the West

Two fine public servants

  Dear HCN,

It is a sorry thing to read the denigration of men such as Dean Bibles and Ed Hastey, whose long-time public service has been dedicated to protecting public lands under the complicated and confusing rules governing their actions (HCN, 5/16/94). Dean Bibles should be enshrined in the Green Hall of Fame for his patient, persistent and productive effort on land exchanges. He engineered and pieced together the federal ownership making possible the establishment of one of Arizona's prime wilderness areas.

As for Bob Armstrong, he may be short in gravitas, but he's long on acumen. Those who would replace the Mining Law of 1872 with royalty-based rights should make a close study of the leasables during the last 20 years. Bob, who cut his teeth on royalty management, is making the system work and is converting public-land resources to public treasury dollars.

Rowena Rogers

Parker, Colorado