A white male speaks

  Dear HCN,

I must respond to the article "Home, home on the range where neo-Nazis and skinheads roam" (HCN, 6/27/94).

I am a member of the most discriminated against group in this country - the white male. I am 77 years old and served in combat in Europe during WWII. I did not volunteer to fight for the erosion of freedom, which is increasing at an alarming rate. Bureaucracy is running amok in this country.

I do not condone much of what these splinter groups are promoting, but someone needs to be doing something to reclaim states' rights. It has been said that a frog, placed in a container of cold water, will not move as the heat is turned up and will remain placid until he is cooked. We're being had by degrees.

Leonard Larson

Denver, Colorado

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