Can the West swim upstream to jobs and happiness?

April 30, 1984

The West has been obsessed by something it calls "economic development" since the great resource bust of 1981-1982 turned attention from mining, drilling and cutting to tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture.


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Solar energy is about life rather than lifestyle in the San Luis Valley
A practical homesteading couple spreads their enthusiasm for solar energy through the non-profit group they founded, People's Alternative Energy Services.
Phoenix works to turn a Salt River floodplain into a billion-dollar development
A prime example of Arizona's ambitious plans for Central Arizona Project water is the Rio Salado project in Phoenix, a 20,000 acre development slated for a worthless, debris-filled floodplain on the Salt River.


Yoo-hooing our way to decline
Especially in the West -- where independence and conservatism are an authentic part of the regional consciousness -- we all understand the hypocritical and ultimately destructive nature of the cargo cult and pork barrel approaches. But we have been able to pretend we do not really understand what is happening.
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