Wyoming: a small town with long streets

February 6, 1984

A special issue on Wyoming's politics, its economics, and the way it welcomed home James Watt. Plus, a centerspread on Wyoming's marooned antelope.


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James Watt lacks the touch to be Wyoming's governor
James Watt has as little chance of becoming governor of Wyoming as he has of being reappointed Secretary of Interior.
Who will inherit Wyoming?
If James Watt doesn't have the political touch to become Wyoming's next governor, who does? Perhaps the best clue can be found by looking at the present Governor, Ed Herschler, a Democrat.
FDR's and the nation's best Interior Secretary
More than most public officials of his or any time, former Interior Secretary Harold Ickes knew how to make government work, and what he did to make it work wasn't always pretty.
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