Acid rain: The damage it does can be deadly

September 3, 1984

A special issue exploring acid rain's causes, effects and efforts to curb it.


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Acid rain: The damage it does can be deadly
Like the shape and size of an iceberg, most of the acid rain problem is thus far unknown or out of sight. But what can be seen suggests that it could become an historic issue.
The West is not immune to acid rain
Possible adverse effects of acid rain in the West include damage to high mountain lakes, forests and fisheries, the leaching of toxic heavy metals from mine and mill wastes into public drinking water supplies, and the deterioration of archaeological ruins.


What do environmentalists really want?
I believe that conservationists -- and other public lands users -- can and should pay their fair share.


New science appears: voodoo nucleonics
Contractors in charge of safe-guarding the government's nuclear waste long into the future devise ways to communicate the dangers of nuclear radiation to future civilizations.
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