Grazing in the West

July 23, 1984

A special issue with six pages on the Taylor Grazing Act, cattle and elk in National Parks and grazing guru Allan Savory.


Grazing in the West archived issue
Grazing in the West archived issue
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The Grazing Act brought order to the range
The 1934 Taylor Grazing Act brought order to the Old West: grazing districts, advisory boards, government-subsidized stock ponds, reservoirs and fences, and more.
Cattle are also at home in the National Parks
Livestock grazing has been grandfathered in at twenty National Park units in the West, including Grand Teton in Wyoming.
A grazing guru says he can restore the range by doubling the number of cattle
Allan Savory is the guru of a new kind of livestock grazing, anxious to tell the world that many of the present 'truths' about range management are not only wrong and contributing to the economic collapse of ranching, but steering the world to the precipice of environmental disaster.


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