Geology of the West

June 25, 1984

A special issue on Idaho's Great Rift, clashing crustal plates, the Henry Mountains and more.


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Idaho's Great Rift is a huge blotter that swallows all streams and rivers
Out across a sea of lava now hardened into shining basalt, a line of low volcanoes and spatter cones mark Idaho's Great Rift.
The West was formed by clashing crustal plates
Today's Rocky Mountains are relatively recent, having sprung up 100 to 50 million years ago by dint of clashing crustal plates.
The Henry Mountains are biological island in a sea of desert badlands
In this remote range, one can see eagles soar, mountain lions wander, and the nation's largest wild bison herd graze on alpine grasslands.


Stagecoach Dam is almost driven out
In Steamboat Springs, Colo., a proposed small reservoir was almost defeated by a coalition of ranchers, businessmen and consumer activists.
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