The future of the West

January 23, 1984

A special issue on the drowning of Salt Lake City, Colorado Gov. Lamm's year 2005 vision, and the Rockies' role in a boomless future.


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Does a rising Great Salt Lake portend a wet Western future?
For the seventh year in a row, the Great Salt Lake is rising, threatening Interstate highways, wildlife sanctuaries, thousands of homes and businesses, and possibly downtown Salt Lake City itself.
Colorado's governor peers ahead and finds life dismal in 2005
You cannot believe and you cannot fully understand the problems we have in running a country of 430 million Americans as we enter the 21st century, says Gov. Richard Lamm.
The Rockies have a role in a boomless future
I don't think there is a "foreseeable future" for the Rockies. I'm not sure there is even a viable, likely future everyone would work toward or against. A lot of Rocky Mountain futurism resembles that branch of Christianity better at imagining hell than heaven.
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