Californicating carpetbaggers

  Dear HCN,

Dan Flores (-In Montana: The view from the ranchette," HCN, 5/10/99) is technically correct when he writes that A.B. Guthrie Jr. was a Midwesterner. It is misleading, however, to accuse the author of The Big Sky of being just another hypocritical carpetbagger Californicating Montana while criticizing others for doing so. In 1901, his folks moved him from Bedford, Indiana, to Choteau. He was six months old. My father, Art Ramsey, another carpetbagger, was born in Walla Walla, Wash., and arrived in Choteau at about the same age. He and Bud grew up together under the hypocritical impression that they were Montanans. If they were alive, I think they would love to take Professor Flores with them to the mountains on one of their beloved pack trips so he could set them straight.

Doug Ramsey

Yakima, Washington

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