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Know the West

Trappers should be liable

  Dear HCN,

Thanks to HCN for doing the article on trapping (HCN, 4/12/99). Many people think trapping went out with the advent of the 20th century ... even in Nevada. The Nevada Division of Wildlife has been recalcitrant, as have most fish and game agencies, seeing any restriction on trapping as a move on our guns and fishing poles.

With respect to Buddy's sad fate, the trapper should have been sued, in my opinion, for being negligent in the conduct of an inherently dangerous activity. Bringing the trappers into the liability arena, and forcing them to carry liability insurance, has been proposed as an anti-trapping strategy that has not yet seen its day but may have merit. Ultimately, the ballot box seems the best way to curtail trapping.

Don Molde

Reno, Nevada