Let's stop trapping

  Dear HCN,

After reading Tom Reed's article on purposeful wildlife trapping and accidental pet dog trapping, all I can say to your headline, "Is trapping doomed?" is - not soon enough (HCN, 4/12/99).

It is directly due to the activities of trappers that we now have species in trouble, like the wolf, bear, cougar, lynx, ferret, fisher, wolverine and swift fox. Species have been extirpated from some states, or are now federally listed as endangered or threatened, or should be, not that listing seems to do them much good in many cases.

Government trappers report killing 1 to 2 million animals yearly, with thousands accidentally killed. For every "accident" like that which killed the dog, Buddy, there are probably a hundred more that we don't hear of, as pet owners are routinely intimidated and harassed when trying to report the incident.

Wildlife Damage Review has examples of this, and we are looking for more. If readers have had a pet or hunting dog killed by poison devices or baits (poisoned carcasses, poison grain or M-44s - sodium cyanide ejectors), or injured by traps or snares, please send us your story. If you have seen articles in the newspaper or magazines, send copies of those, too. Send us pictures. These carcass piles are everywhere in the West and it's time to put a stop to these illegal and dangerous practices perpetuated by Animal Damage Control and trappers who don't follow the law.

Nancy Zierenberg

Tucson, Arizona

Wildlife Damage Review can be reached at Box 85218, Tucson, AZ 85754 (520/884-0883) or e-mail [email protected]

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