Doom can't be soon enough

  Dear HCN,

Is trapping doomed? (HCN, 4/12/99). Of course it is. When decent people like Liz Kehr and Kevin Feist are forced to haggle over how many days animals should remain in traps before they are bludgeoned to death or whether trappers should post signs to warn the public of their dangerous and cowardly practices, be assured that the end is near.

People who care about wildlife are fed up to here with the delays and distractions of "advisory committees' and "stakeholder processes." When Colorado's anti-trapping activists grew weary of endless oxymoronic discussions about "humane trapping," and when their offer to compromise with trappers was met with derisive laughter, they asked for and received the help of a sympathetic electorate in banning trapping.

Recent revolutions have rendered unacceptable the acts of purposely sucking pollutants into your lungs through a paper tube, tying one on and grabbing the car keys, and irresponsible sex. In a not-too-distant but more enlightened future, the idea of trapping wild animals in steel-jaw leghold traps for fun, profit or any other reason will be viewed with the same disgust.

Susan Cockrell

Holden, Maine

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