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Know the West

All about salmon

  Our society's struggle to save salmon in the Northwest is documented in daily headlines, but to read about the complexities of saving salmon, you might look to A Snapshot of Salmon in Oregon. This 24-page tabloid from the Oregon State University Extension Service begins with the past, the ancestors of today's salmon that date back 40 million years. Stories explain how mining, logging, grazing, farming, dams and urban life have all had a share in destroying salmon habitat. The full-color, well-illustrated tabloid also includes additional sources for salmon facts and details on restoration projects under way. The writers try to answer a simple question with a complex answer: "What can you and I do to help salmon?"

For a free copy of Salmon in Oregon, contact Publication Orders, Extension and Station Communications, Oregon State University, 422 Kerr Administration, Corvallis, OR 97331-2119, (800/561-6719). Ask for EM 8722.

* Dustin Solberg